Learn Spanish Tools and Resources Part 1

I going to share with you some of the best resources and Spanish tools that I know. Many of them I use often, and others are simply ideas that I think are great for learning Spanish.

A while back, I shared some sites to help practice Spanish, I have never received so many thank you notes, from any email. Here's that link to the practice Spanish resources.

I have discovered many other Spanish tools that are extremely helpful for learners of Spanish. Even better... most of them are free. Let's start by taking a look at 3 very useful Spanish dictionaries.

Online Spanish Dictionary with Audio - It's Free

This is a straight Spanish to English or English to Spanish dictionary. However, it has a useful extra feature, sound files for many words so you can listen to native pronunciation of the word. It's online and free at spanishdict.com

Online Translation Dictionary - Also Free

This is one of my favorite Spanish tools. It's much more than a basic dictionary. As well as the usual parts of speech it has great examples of how the words are used expressively.

For example, if you type in, nada, you will find the straight translation

nada = nothing

plus, you will also see these expressions

de nada = you're welcome/don't mention it

para nada = not at all

It also has excellent sample sentences e.g.

No hay nada más important. = There is nothing more important.

to access this very good resource go to wordreference.com

For Serious Learners to Professional Translators

Professional quality Spanish tools for translation and dictionaries from $25.00 to $999.00.

I currently use the $65.00 Suite Home Edition Dictionary, it is an excellent resource.

Some of it's great features include,

1) Guide to frequently used words

I am a great believer in putting your attention on the most frequently used words first, not wasting your time on words you'll probably never use. Yes, I once learned the Spanish words for plughole and rasp, before I knew common words like, late and early. It was a foolish use of my time, now I know better.

You too will make much faster progress if you put your efforts on the most used words first. It makes so much difference, my Synergy Spanish course was build completely around this idea.

The Suite Home Edition dictionary, helps you distinguish the most important words with colored tabs, for example;

Daily used words, have a yellow tag.

Normally used word, have a red tab.

Words that are rarely used, have a light blue tab.

Specialty words, have a green tab.

I find the frequency tabs very handy, yet there are many other exceptional features, for example;

2) 1000s of expressions in Spanish and English

If you type in the word, look, as well as the main translation, you will see a list of 217 expressions that use the word look e.g.

look around,

look for (search),

look into (investigate)

even expressions like

look a sight

or look annoyed.

Just about every common expressive phrase in Spanish and English is covered.

As I wrote this review, I found another feature that I didn't even know was there.

3) A complete verb conjugation tool in all tenses.

A very good resource currently listed at $65.00 (Suite Home Edition) more information at Spanish tools for serious students

I hope you find these resources helpful, I'll let you know about more soon.


Marcus Santamaria