Spanish Audio Lessons

Here are some fun Spanish audio lessons for you to practice speaking. I created them to demonstrate to you how you can take a little vocabulary and say a lot.

Once you know some easy patterns that you can learn very quickly you are ready to make real Spanish.

I hope you agree....

that using the language is so much more fun than verb charts and long winded grammar explanations.

So if you are like me, and you like using the language to enhance your life, your travel and your friendships...

jump in, it is easier than you have been shown

Christmas Spanish audio lesson

This lesson guides you step by step to make a lot of fun sentences about Christmas

The written lesson includes mnemonics as well as reading and writing practice to introduce your Christmas vocablulary.

Click here for you Christmas class

Cinco de Mayo

Learn to make complete sentences and use them fluidly. You are guided step by step to talk about Cinco de Mayo.

Click here for you Cinco de Mayo Spanish Audio Lesson

More resources

You can get extra instruction by signing up for my newsletter at Shortcut to Spanish Where I show you how to use thousands of Spanish words instantly.
You can also take a Synergy Spanish testdrive and receive samples that show you how to make thousands of Spanish sentences from just 138 words.