Informal Spanish Audio Script, Part 1

Hola amigos

I have received several requests for a script of the informal Spanish audio. So, I went ahead and transcribed it for you.

The way I designed the Shortcut to Spanish series you shouldn't need to follow a script. However, there may be times when you want to clarify;

If you heard the Spanish correctly

If you heard the English correctly (I know my accent is a bit mixed up sometimes)

Maybe you want to check a Spanish spelling

You shouldn't need to be glued to the transcript, it's just a guide. It's better to interact with the audio and reinforce the Spanish you have learned in Shortcut to Spanish and Shortcut to Spanish level 2. By the way, I also added some notes in the script to guide you through some of the differences between Spanish and English.

Here's the first part of the transcript for lesson 1-7, I'll send part two shortly.

Informal Spanish audio 1-7 transcript

Thank you, to everyone who asked for this script. I will eventually have them done for all my courses.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I am all ears, feel free to email me at,

Muchos Saludos

Marcus Santamaria