Practice Spanish In Person or Online

Sometimes people write me saying they want to practice Spanish but don't have anyone to practice with. On this page you will find resources that will allow you to practice communicating in Spanish either online or in person.

I have to say, I haven't used either of the first two resources, here in Mexico, I have all the opportunity I need to practice Spanish. However, they seem like such good ideas, so I wanted to share them with you.

So, if you go ahead and use either of these resources, please email me and let me know how you do.

My Language Exchange

I have referred several people to this site and have received thanks for doing so. It certainly looks like a great way to practice. The idea is you meet a Spanish speaking pen-friend. As you communicate, you help them with English, and they help you with Spanish. A true win-win situation. Find a partner to practice Spanish with at My Language Exchange

27,727 Spanish Speakers, friends, and people who want to learn and share Spanish

This website helps you find or form your own Spanish meet up group. There are Spanish meet up groups all over the world, so there is a good chance that there is a group near you. If not, there are also resources for you to start a new group.

Seems like a fabulous idea. If you have a native speaker in your group who wants to share their culture and language, it will work even better. As an added bonus you are almost certain to meet some wonderful people. Learn about the Spanish meet up groups

Learn Spanish mp3

In various emails, I have shared with you several audio lessons to practice your Spanish. If you missed any, here they all are, on one page.

All the audio lessons from Marcus (so far)

I hope you find these resources helpful, let me know if you do.


Marcus Santamaria