Learn Spanish MP3 Audio Lessons

Here are all the learn Spanish mp3 audios lessons, that I have shared with you over the months. Just in case you missed any, here they are all here on one page, ready to download.

I am creating a lot more audio lessons, I´ll let you know when they are done.

Speak Spanish And Be Understood Pronunciation Course

I created this course to give you the basics of Spanish pronunciation, but with a twist. Usually pronunciation lessons focus on how to hold your mouth. Instead, this lesson takes you through the most important sounds while you learn to make Spanish sentences.

Learn Spanish mp3 pronunciation course part 1
part 2
part 3

Shortcut to Spanish

These lessons are from my most popular course, "Shortcut to Spanish". The course that shows you how to speak using 3145 Spanish words, you didn´t know you knew.

Shortcut to Spanish audio 1
Shortcut to Spanish audio 2
Shortcut to Spanish audio 3
Shortcut to Spanish audio 4
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Synergy Spanish

How to take just a handful of words and make literally thousands of Spanish sentences.

Synergy Spanish Audio 101
Synergy Spanish Audio 201
Synergy Spanish Audio 202
Synergy Spanish Audio 301
Synergy Spanish Audio 302
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Christmas Spanish

This lesson guides you step by step to make a lot of fun sentences about Christmas

Christmas Spanish Audio

Cinco de Mayo

Learn to make complete sentences and use them fluidly. You are guided step by step to talk about Cinco de Mayo.

cinco de mayo part 1
cinco de mayo part 2

Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversation

Perhaps, a better name for informal Spanish would be intimate Spanish. It´s good for speaking with close friends, children or in relaxed and casual social situations. These easy to learn Spanish mp3 lessons will show you how to conduct the conversations.

Informal Spanish conversation 1
Informal Spanish Conversation 2
Informal Spanish Conversation 3
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