Free tool helps you understand Spanish while enjoying topics you find interesting

This is a great tool.

As well as making it easy to read Spanish, it can help you understand Spanish, even spoken Spanish. Plus, you can set it to run on Spanish sites that are interesting to you.

Before I show you how to personalize this resource and get the most out of it, let's make it as easy as possible to get started.

Step 1) Go here to get the Word Champ understand Spanish tool.

Step 2) Enter either the address of a Spanish website you want to read or enter some text in Spanish

Step 3) You'll see a list of news sources. If you prefer to read news click on one of these news sources.

El Mundo - This is a news site from Spain, it also has an international section as well as news on the economy, sport, culture, technology and health. You're sure to find something of interest to you here.

El Pais - Another full service news source from Spain.

Inverca - I found this one clunky to navigate.

Hola! - You won't find too much heavy stuff in this one. No politics or technology or finance, instead mostly celebrity gossip. It's a completely light weight, great stuff, exactly what you want when you are learning.

Step 4) Wait a moment for the newspage or webpage to load.

Step 5) Choose something to read

Step 6) When you see a word you don't know, move your mouse arrow over the word. You'll see a box with translations.

Understanding more Spanish and personalizing Word Champ to your interests

There is actually a lot more you can do with this tool.

Try it out first, see if you like it. Then enter your details below, I'll send you tips for using Word Champ to get better at understanding Spanish, even when they speak fast. Plus, improving your Spanish and personalizing word Champ to your interests.

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Marcus Santamaria