Spanish conversation course, the next step...

This Spanish conversation course is the next rung on the Shortcut to Spanish ladder. It makes speaking and asking questions in the past easy.

In fact, you use typical conversational questions in smooth and flowing dialogs, for example you ask;

Did you pay the bill?

Have you eaten?

Did you work today?

These are all typical questions that people ask in everyday Spanish conversation. Plus, in "Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations level 2" you also get to answer the questions in two part Spanish conversations.

I have some free lessons to get you started; I'll share them with you in a moment. First, let's review the rungs on the ladder that take you to this level.

Each rung takes a long time for me to create, yet is a smooth ride for you. You see, I focus on...

Two goals that are not usually thought about in Spanish courses

1) You must move easily and enjoyably through the lessons without getting confused. If you are confused, you won't learn. Too much complexity may well stop you dead in your tracks; it's what stops so many people who want to speak Spanish.

I avoid complex and confusing grammar like the plague, so it's easy for you to follow my steps and use the Spanish right away.

2) The lessons only include the most important Spanish words, phrases and structures. That way, you can use the Spanish right away to communicate effectively with your friends, colleagues and relations.

Here are the rungs on the ladder so far, all with links to sample lessons.

Shortcut to Spanish

Samples of Shortcut to Spanish audio here

I show you how to use 1000s of instant Spanish words to start communicating in Spanish fast. It's great fun when it all falls into place and Shortcut to Spanish is a very easy way to get started using Spanish.

Then, I added...

Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations

The first level Spanish conversation course samples here

While some people have a serious reason to learn Spanish, most people, even if they learn Spanish for work, also like to interact and make friends. Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversation course shows you the best way to speak with your Spanish speaking amigos, children and in casual social situations.

The next step, I sweated blood to create...

Shortcut to Spanish level 2

Shortcut to Spanish level 2 samples

Even though it took almost a year for me to create, before you go onto level 2, I recommend another course once you have done Shortcut to Spanish level 1...

Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish audio test-drive

This too is a Spanish conversation course, it shows you how to express yourself confidently with just 138 words and use your Spanish in real world situations.

Here's how some off my most successful students have applied Synergy Spanish in their lives.

After completing those courses you have a very solid foundation, and for some people getting by and being able to communicate is enough. However, if getting better and speaking even more freely is your goal, now you are ready for the level 2 courses to take you even further...

Shortcut to Spanish level 2

Shortcut to Spanish Level two samples here

This was by far the hardest course for me to create. You see, guiding people through advancing structures in Spanish while not adding confusing complexity is not easy. Just pick up any book on advanced or intermediate Spanish and you'll see what headaches they create.

I didn't want to create another headache causing Spanish course (see my first goal). I want you to enjoy Spanish and use it in the real world.

To use the Spanish in real life you need to participate in the learning process, not be preached at about complex grammar. That's why, Shortcut to Spanish level two, continues with the same interactive format of the level one course. In fact, it starts right where level one left off; the first lesson is lesson 32.

So far, the feedback is outstanding.

Now, on to the latest addition...

Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations Level 2

While, Shortcut to Spanish level 2 is also a Spanish conversation course, this addition focuses on informal conversations.

It starts out nice and easy, refreshing frequently used verbs and guiding you to use them as you would among good friends.

Then we add the advanced concepts from Shortcut to Spanish level 2. Before you know it, you are moving smoothly through tenses just like you do in real conversations.

Elena, Jose Luis and yours truly had a lot of fun creating this Spanish conversation course. Have fun practicing with the audio and then using it with your Spanish speaking friends.

Here is the new Spanish conversation course
level 2 audio lesson 1

Here is the new Spanish conversation course
level 2 audio lesson 2

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