FREE Spanish words Mnemonic Flashcards #2

The most frequently used Spanish words in flashcards for CueCard software.

Also, if you prefer, I have the cards in PDF and MS-Word format.

You can use the mnemonics on these cards to learn 4-5 times faster than regular flashcards.

The mnemonics help you access your imaginitive right brain, which is a learning champion. Best of all...

I have created the mnemonics for you, so all you need to do is imagine a scene in your mind. Focus on the link from English to Spanish and learn the words in record time.

So, go ahead and download the cards, and as always, I suggest you try and use the words in the real-world as soon as possible.

Download your Spanish-vocabulary Cuecard mnemonic flashcards here

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To your success with Spanish

Marcus Santamaria