Spanish Pronunciation Lesson

Discover Your Spanish Detective

Do you find the Spanish pronunciation lessons that show you how hold you mouth, unbearable boring?

What about the "listen and repeat after me" lessons...

Dull huh!

So, to add a little more fun to your efforts to learn Spanish, I have created a detective game for you.

How many Spanish words can you uncover?

HINT: They sound almost identical to English, but with a twist, they are written very differently.

If you are still learning the rules of pronunciation, take this opportunity to discover some phonetics. I guarantee it will stay in your memory longer than those, listen and repeat, and... how to hold your mouth exercises.

Part 1 - Spanish Detective Test

Detective Lessons download

Part 2 - Second Chance Audio Test

Spanish Pronunciation Audio Lesson A

Part 3 - Use The Words You Uncovered in Conversation

Spanish Pronunciation Audio Lesson B
You will be most successful in the game if you understand the basics of pronunciation. I created an audio course that take you through the basics, step-by-step, if you donĀ“t have it yet you can get it free by clicking here - "Speak Spanish and Be Understood."
If you enjoy this "no confusion" style of learning, you can get samples lessons from Synergy Spanish and Shortcut to Spanish