Shortcut to Spanish - Level Two, AKA The Spanish Guide "From Getting By to Getting Good".

Finally, The Spanish guide is here.

If you have been following my work for a while you may be wondering why it took me so long to finish this Spanish Guide.

The answer is that I feel have a lot to live up to, a duty to make sure that I continue to make learning Spanish easy.

People write me emails, almost everyday, praising Shortcut to Spanish. I have to say it makes my day and puts a skip in my stride.

As Harriet wrote me recently;

"Your course spoon feeds us, it´s fun and exciting. It is exciting when you realize that Spanish is not so hard. You see by taking things step by step, you never get confused, overwhelmed or frustrated."

Or as Joyce wrote;

"I have been studying Spanish for many years on and off.

Why on and off you might ask?

Well, because I would get so frustrated trying to conjugate verbs that I would get so "burned out" and angry with myself that I would put it away for years at a time.

Your course is changing all that. I have a new confidence and am finding that sentences are flying out of my mouth without having to think very hard."

I know that for many people, I am the person who has made Spanish finally attainable for them.

So, I want to deliver the same quality, that´s why, it takes me a long time to create these lessons.

The good news is that by me taking the extra time, learning for you should be a breeze.

So, to all the people who have waited so long for me to finally create the Spanish guide I hope you understand why creating this has taken me so long. Please enjoy these lessons.

Spanish Guide - written lessons

I also have created some audio lessons to accompany these lessons. If you would like to receive them, just fill in your details below. They´re gratis.

Shortcut to Spanish Level 2 Audio Lesson 32

Shortcut to Spanish Level 2 Audio Lesson 33

Shortcut to Spanish Level 2 Audio Lesson 34

Shortcut to Spanish Level 2 Audio Lesson 35

To your ever increasing ability to communicate in Spanish

Marcus Santamaria