New Spanish Training That Makes Easy Work Of Taking Everything You Learned in Shortcut to Spanish To A New Level

Free audio and action guide lessons show you how easy it can be to express so much more with your Spanish

Where do you go after you have done the level 1 Shortcut to Spanish training and Synergy Spanish?

That was a question I asked myself for a long time. I wanted to make sure you could enjoy even more communication in Spanish using the same easy approach of Shortcut to Spanish Level 1.

I looked around for ideas from Spanish books, courses and teachers. Unfortunately, just like when I was learning, I didn't like much of what I saw.

Most of the Spanish training material is deadly dull, or worse, it sometimes even suffocates communication.

The traditional learning path - it just didn't feel right for me to teach you that way, I had to find something new.

After all, babies don't learn to speak by examining the use of indirect object pronouns in excruciating detail.

In any natural learning situation you pick up the language that is easiest to use first. The Spanish that allows you to communicate the most is what you want before anything else.

Then by using the language your skills naturaly develop and get stronger.

I know I am over simplifying things, but why make it harder than it has to be?

Instead of making things hard for you, I made them hard for me.

I sat down for almost a year, spending countless hours making sure I cleared the way for you to speak a lot more Spanish comfortably and confidently without any confusion or frustration.

In Shortcut to Spanish Level two, I strive to make your path to Spanish communication effortless and smooth. I show you how you can use simple Spanish vocabulary and conversation patterns to expand you ability to talk with your amigos.

Why not take advantage of another 16 patterns of Instant Spanish Vocabulary? You uncover 579 more words that are so close to English you'll recognize them in a flash.

Plus, I introduce you to 14 easy to learn Conversation Booster Patterns. These allow you to communicate much more richly and express yourself with a new level of clarity.

Here's a selection of material for you to start taking your Spanish to a new level.

Shortcut to Spanish Level 2 Action Guide Lessons 32-33

Getting Started Audio Lesson

A new Instant Spanish Vocabulary Pattern - Audio Lesson

click here for the complete Shortcut to Spanish Training Level 2

I hope these Spanish training materials help you enjoy the language even more. It is very inspiring when you realize that you really can communicate in Spanish.

un abrazo

Marcus Santamaria