Free Online Spanish Sample

How to get a handy free online Spanish sample of a very useful tool for learning Spanish.

In some ways I am envious of you. After all, you are at the fun stage of learning Spanish where everything is still fresh. You can always discover something new that moves your Spanish forward in big ways.

With someone to guide you, so you avoid all the usual confusion, learning is great fun. You experience the thrill of always getting better at communicating.

Every step is an adventure in discovering not just a new language, but also new cultures, new foods, new music, new friends and so on.

Isn't that how learning should be?

That's why, I see my role more as a guide than as a teacher.

I like the Japanese word for teacher, sensei, which derives from "born first" or "lived before".

I may not have been born first but I have lived more Spanish than my students. I have already taken the path to learn it. I use my experience to guide you along the path and make it easier and smoother for you.

Native Spanish speakers are not always good teachers

They learned as babies and never experienced learning Spanish as an adult. So, they don't know first hand the problems we face learning Spanish as adults.

Of course, there are many native speakers who are wonderful teachers. I am not saying that if your teacher is a native speaker you don't have a great teacher. I am just making an observation from experience. Knowing the obstacles really helps.

In fact, I've spent a lot of time teaching English to Mexicans, yet, I'm much better at teaching Spanish than my native language. I guess because I know the traps, pitfalls and confusion that you can meet along the way in learning Spanish.

To make sure I never forget what it's like to be a beginner, 3-4 times a year I get a course in a language that is completely new to me.

Usually the courses are disappointing. But even with a bad course I learn something...

I learn what not to do.

The courses are not always terrible, on occassion there's...

A course that works really well.

A course I like a lot is Rosetta Stone. It has a free online Spanish download, I'll tell you how to get it shortly.

Rosetta Stone is not perfect, there are some things I would change.

They use the same format for all the languages they offer, yet all languages are not the same.

For example; the course starts with the gerund sentences using the "ing" ending. The problem is that these are not used nearly as much in Spanish as in English.

I would present Spanish in a different order than they do. Nonetheless, Rosetta Stone is an excellent language course.

There are many great things about the Rosetta Stone course, it's interactive, it helps a lot with adjusting your ear to the speed of Spanish and it's fun.

Plus, they offer a free online Spanish demo, so you can practice using their method without committing to buy anything.

Here's some feedback

Below is a comment from a teacher using Synergy Spanish and Rosetta Stone together.

Dear Marcus Santamaria,

Your Synergy Spanish class is the absolute best that I have EVER seen to get someone up and SPEAKING Spanish quickly and more importantly efficiently. I teach now utilizing your course as the background of the course.

I have studied languages for years and I am truly and honestly impressed with the excellent method that you have devised.

You've got a winner there. Keep on doing what you're doing.

By the way, I'm telling everyone that I know that if they utilize your service and the Rosetta Stone in combination, they have a great great way of learning the language.

Dennis Richards
Culture Cafe

Here's how to get a piece of free online Spanish software from Rosetta Stone.

After you click this free online Spanish link, under "Available languages" choose the regional Spanish that you want to try.

About halfway down the next page on the left, it's only a small link, you'll see a link that says;

"Why wait? Try our free online demo now."

That link plays an free online Spanish demo. It's short, however when it finishes it gives you the opportunity to try the full demo (it's also free) which has a lot of interesting content.


Marcus Santamaria