New Free Online Spanish Lessons

So far, I have shared with you a lot free online Spanish lessons with audio. In fact I have given you more than 2 hours of audio recording. Click here for all the past audio lessons

The reason I create so much audio is that if you really want to do well with Spanish you need mucho audio.

If you have purchased all of my courses you have over 26 hours of audio lessons. If you complete all the lessons I have available in my courses, you can go from zero Spanish to making yourself understood easily and confidently.

Even though I have 26 hours of audio available, my vision is to create at least 80 hours more of audio lessons. Because each time you complete one of these lessons successfully you take a leap forward in your Spanish.

Plus, they are fun to do. I find this kind of learning enjoyable. Many people write to me and say they like it too. In fact, they like it so much that they want me to create more ASAP. They tell it is a pleasurable part of their day.

So, I have been busy this year creating a lot more audio for you.

Why each of the audio tracks of these free online Spanish lessons is kept short

Someone wrote and criticized me, saying that the audio lessons are too short.

Yes, my audio lessons are from just 5-14 minutes in length. Generally they are around 10 minutes each.

My reason is simple. Most of us start drifting off somewhere between the 10 and 17 minute mark.

This is normal.

Even while you enjoy the material, the mind can only focus for a certain time. This way of learning is very interactive so your time with the audio is intense and focused, that's why it works so well.

It's far better to have one or two short sessions every day than one or two long sessions per week.

It's best to complete one or two of these short lessons and then go onto something else. Come back to it later in the day or the next day refreshed, energized and ready to learn more Spanish.

The short sessions keep you fresh and enthusiastic. You'll enjoy the Spanish more and you will be able to use the Spanish more effectively

Here are 5 free online Spanish lessons with around 10 minutes of audio on each one

Shortcut to Spanish Extended Audio Lesson 101

Shortcut to Spanish Extended Audio Lesson 102

Shortcut to Spanish Extended Audio Lesson 103

Shortcut to Spanish Extended Audio Lesson 104

Shortcut to Spanish Extended Audio Lesson 105

They combine to make the complete part 1 from the Shortcut to Spanish extended audio series.

When the series is finished there will be 31 parts, around 20 hours of content, each part matching a chapter in the Shortcut to Spanish action guide.

Free Online Spanish Lessons - chapters 1-4 Shortcut to Spanish Action Guide

I hope you enjoy these lessons.

muchos saludos

Marcus Santamaria