How to get the most out of Spanish Flashcards and Learn 3 to 5 Times Faster

I am going to show you my system for using Spanish flashcards to multiply your Spanish learning.

Sure, flashcards are as old as the hills...

Sure, they are simple, but, don´t overlook their power, they work...

like a charm.

If you want to get an enormous Spanish vocabulary fast there´s nothing better. Here´s the system I used to build a commanding Spanish vocabulary in under 12 months.

Day 1 with flashcards

These hint will not make any sense unless you have a good pile of Spanish flashcards. You can get cards by Clicking here to get free Spanish Flashcards, Got your cards...

Okay let´s begin.

Start with the first 10 Spanish flashcards.

Look at the Spanish and say the English. If you get it right put the card aside in a second pile. If you get it wrong put the card on the bottom of the deck. Keep going until all the cards are in the second pile.

Now turn the cards over and do the same but this time looking at the English and saying the Spanish.

Day 2

Go through all the cards from Spanish to English just once.

Separating the cards into two piles

Pile A the Spanish words you know.

Pile B the Spanish words you don´t know.

The cards in your pile A have now advanced. These cards are your level 2 cards. Keep your level two cards separate, you won´t need them again until tomorrow.

The remaining cards that you got wrong are your level 1 cards

Let´s say you have 7 level 2 cards. and 3 level 1 cards.

Add 7 more new cards to your level 1 pile.

Now you have 10 level 1 cards and 7 level 2 cards.

Go through all the level 1 cards exactly the same way as you did on day 1

Day 3

Start with you level 2 cards from yesterday.

Look at the English.

If you know the Spanish right away, separate the cards into a second pile.

Lets say you have 3 cards in the second pile. These cards have graduated, file them away, you don´t need to use them anymore.

Go through the remaining cards a second time, if you know the Spanish put the card aside, if not put the card on the bottom of the deck.continue until you have completed all the cards.

Now take the Level 1 pile.

Look at the Spanish and say the English, all the cards you know immediately the first time move to the level two pile.

Let´s say you added three cards to your level two pile

Now add 3 new cards to your level 1 pile, so you have 10 level 1 cards.

Then go through the all the level 1 cards same as day 1.

Day 4

Same procedure as day 3.

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