Two Keys To Unraveling The Spanish Language

If we break the Spanish language down to its most basic elements, we have just two things;

Words and patterns,

That's all there is.

Master the most important words and patterns and you can communicate effectively in a very short time.

Best of all, by focusing on words and patterns, instead of minor grammatical details, you're liberated.

You're free from the mind numbing study of minor points of grammar.

You only spend your time on the most useful parts of the Spanish language. Spanish lets you communicate, participate and interact with your amigos in the shortest possible time.

However, it's takes some courage to break away.

Everywhere you turn you find lessons about por vs para, ser vs estar, and verbs in long lists or charts rather than in sentences...

But if you can break away form the traditional methods (for most people they never succeed in teaching you anyway) you'll be free forever from...

Analysis Paralysis

Why bother with all the analysis anyway?

If you do, your mind will be so busy thinking, you'll speak with hesitancy and long pauses.

While you think about whether to use ser/estar, por/para, the subjunctive/the imperative/the pluperfect, everyone's yawning.

It's called analysis paralysis.

Why paralyze yourself when you can be stimulated, invigorated and inspired?

Like my karate instructor used to say...

"The Learning Is In The Doing"

It only takes a little "doing" each day to achieve great things, with as little as 15 minutes a day, spread out over a year, and you can go far.

Remember, the Spanish language is made up of just two things;

Words and patterns

That's all there is.

Here's my path to lead you to fast success with both words and patterns, so you communicate in Spanish in record time.

The Shortcut to Spanish courses give you power over words, fast

They show you how to use 1000s of Spanish words you didn`t know you knew. How to convert English words with Latin roots into Spanish. More importantly, not only do you learn 1000s of Spanish words instantly, you also learn to use them to speak real Spanish.

Synergy Spanish gives you power over patterns

It shows you how to combine 138 Spanish words to make thousands of Spanish sentences. When you know just a handful of words and some simple patterns you can express an incredible amount in Spanish.

So where should you begin with Shortcut to Spanish or Synergy Spanish?

It actually doesn't matter.

These courses approach learning the Spanish language from two different angles, but they meet in the middle...

Start with either course and you'll be able to make effective communication right away.

Put them both together and you have at your command many ways of expressing yourself in Spanish. You have the most powerful words and patterns at your disposal.

Your Action Plan

Here's an action plan that will give you a level of mastery of the Spanish language that can change your life.

If you are dropped in a Spanish speaking country you'll get by, and before long you'll thrive just like these people.

1) Synergy Spanish - build a foundation so strong in Spanish patterns that you'll be able to get by in Spanish with just 138 words.

Free Synergy Spanish Audio Lessons

Master the most powerful Spanish language patterns now

Synergy Spanish with 14 Audio CDs

2) Shortcut to Spanish - learn 31 patterns that allow you to make 3145 Spanish words from English. Plus, use them to interact in Spanish

Free Shortcut to Spanish lessons

Build an vocabulary and learn to use it in the shortest time

Shortcut to Spanish hard version

3) Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations - An extension of Shortcut to Spanish, teaches you to hold informal conversations and speak casually in relaxed social situations.

Free Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations lessons

160 minutes interacting the same way you will speak with your amigos.

4) Shortcut to Spanish Level 2 - This level starts right where you left off. It builds on everything you learned about the Spanish language in level 1. You'll increase your ability and speak with much more clarity, freedom and poise.

It's all connected to level 1, so you move just as easily through the lessons in this level as you did in the first.

You'll delight yourself and your friends as your Spanish evolves to a much higher level of expression. You learn simple and fast ways to expand your conversational ability using 579 instant Spanish words & 14 easy conversation patterns.

Free Shortcut to Spanish level 2 lessons

The complete Shortcut to Spanish Level 2 Course

5) Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations level 2 - An extension of Shortcut to Spanish level 2, you interact with the audio lessons and learn to speak informally with your friends, even start telling them what you did in the past.

Free Shortcut to Spanish level 2 lessons

More interactive speaking to relate better with your amigos.

Level 2 informal conversations on 2 CDs That's all for now, but there will be more soon.