No Complicated Spanish Verbs, Just A Course That Gets Right Down To Business.

What I like about the Visual Link Spanish approach to Spanish verbs is, it doesn't beat you up with a million conjugations. It doesn't waste time on explanations of complicated grammar labels either.

Instead it just gets right into useful Spanish.

I have to tell you, I haven't used the full course yet, only the demo. You too can try the demo by clicking here

Like my Synergy Spanish course, Visual link Spanish seems to take advantage of the power of patterns of Spanish verbs.

As you know from the way we use patterns in Synergy Spanish test-drive, you can make thousands of sentences from just a handful of words. In fact, in Synergy Spanish with 138 words you can make as many as 88, 000 sentences.

There sure is a lot to be said about getting the best out of the most used patterns so you use Spanish right away.

This is so much better than the route taken in many courses where you are taught every possible conjugation pattern in 14 tenses. Usually you don't learn anything you can use, and just end up confused.

In fact, I have a book of Spanish verb conjugations in front of me and I see...

WARNING headache ahead.

There are 276 different ways Spanish verbs can be conjugated.

That may seem like a lot.

But it's even worse

Each of those 276 ways has 14 tenses.

14 x 276 = 3864

Oh there's more

Each verb is conjugated in the first, second, and third person in all 14 tenses in all 276 patterns...

Singular and plural!

Formal and informal!

8 conjugations, 14 tenses, 276 patterns

A little over 30 000 ways to conjugate Spanish verbs.


Here's the good news. You don't need to get a headache learning Spanish. My research has found that with just 6 patterns you can effectively use more than 80% of Spanish verbs.

Duh, let's start with those.

That's what Synergy Spanish is all about, and what I am working on for Synergy Spanish Level 2.

From what I can see of the Visual Link Spanish demo they are working on some of the same philosophies that I like to use. Why not try out their online demo. It's fun and you may learn some handy hints.


Marcus Santamaria

If what I have talked about here makes sense to you, then you'll love Synergy Spanish level 2. In level 1, I showed you how to take 138 words and make thousands of sentences. The great news is that this way of learning to take a little and say a lot, can continue for at least 4 more levels.

The bad news is, Synergy Spanish level 2 won't be ready for a few more months. I'll let you know when I have some demos.